Bike Trip – Leaving tomorrow

Three years ago we rode 1300 miles across France, at the time we had a 1, 3 and 5 year old. We decided we’d do it again, and our now 8 year old can ride his own bike. Here are a few of the quick facts about the trip:

  • We invited another family with 6 kids to come along.
  • Found another friend named Dian that wanted to join us, she’ll be riding an electric bike.
  • A few week ago I invited an old co-worker and room mate along, he and his wife are in for 5 weeks.
  • We’ll be gone for 2 months and will ride through France, Switzerland and Germany.
  • We’ve got a few people joining us along the way including a family of 6 from Bountiful, and a father / son duo from China.
  • We shipped our bikes to Paris a month ago, then showed up on the 4th.
  • With the bikes gone, we’re still bringing about 250 pounds of gear with us on the flight. Packed in cardboard boxes.

Each night we’ll be camping. Most campsites have wifi, and hot showers. We’ll spend a few days in Paris then we’ll head south by train to Nantes to start our bike trek.

Brittany has done a great job and getting us prepared ahead of time, on any other trip I would be packing now, it’s nice to only have a few loose ends to clean up.


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