Day 2 – getting to camp and the Arch de Triumph

We landed in Paris around 8:30am and by the time we made it out of customs and collected our bags it was 9:30 or so. We immediately walked towards the meeting place that Matt had identified by checking out the airport map online, and we were the first ones there. A little later Matt and his wife showed up and let us know he had gotten a text saying Kenny had missed his flight. It wasn’t too bad, and he arrived another hour or so later. Dan and his family showed up in the meantime as well.
We had a time scheduled to have our bikes dropped off at the campsite, so we sent Dan and Family ahead so they could get to the campsite before the delivery arrived.

We spent nearly 5 hours getting our tents set up and bikes assembled. Once we got all ready we rode into Paris to see the arch de triump then as we were meandering back looking for a good place to get Kabobs, we instead settled on a little pizza place. Only after sitting down did we realize the walls were strewn with nude paintings. I assisted the 15 year old in sitting down in the most appropriate spot at the corner of one table. haha.

It’s amazing how much French you can pick up spending 300 days practicing for 10 minutes a day. It’s been a lot of fun to try out, and I’m glad I made the effort.

It was hard to sleep 2.5 hours two nights ago, then only an hour or two on the plane last night. It was nice to have so many things to do in order to get all set up, otherwise I would have been dragging. Next time I am going to be more serious about getting more rest the night before we leave.

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