Day 8: Rest Day at Belle Rivierre

We took the day to get our bags a bit more organized, go back to Nantes and do more shopping and also just take a break from Paris. This campsite is so chill, and it’s nice to have a break. The kids spent the day playing on the playgrounds, they all play quite well together.

Majors’ Bike Touring Rules:

  • The group stays together
  • At every turn along the route, when you turn you are responsible to make sure the person behind you makes that turn as well. ( I’ve had quite a few instances where the group has had to wait for a few hours waiting for people that are lost…)
  • We stop to rest on Sundays – Sunday route planning starts on Wednesday so we can end up at a nice spot to stay.
  • We don’t ride at night (As a rule we try to be done riding each day at 4pm or so, this gives us plenty of time for flat tires and taking a wrong turn which allows us to still ride in by dark. If we’re in a city we are familiar with then we’re more open to riding at night if we already know the route and how safe it is. It’s much less intimidating and dangerous to ride at night in France than it is on the Pacific coast, which is where we’ve done a lot of our other touring.
  • We do our riding at the beginning of each day – this gives us time to hang out at the next campsite, or see things along the way. This typically means leaving around 8:30.

I made it to the post office to send 12 pounds of our stuff home, extra clothes mostly.

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