Day 9: Belle Riviere to Ancenis

We rode about 20 miles today, the miles went quick and after a few breaks we arrived at camp around 12:30. Kenny had been split up from the group two days ago and having some bike issues, I encouraged him to stay there in Ancenis and figure it out so he could be ready once we arrived. He bought a new bike, and was happy to see us when we arrived.

This specific campsite has a nice swimming pool along with a fun water slide. We all swam for a couple hours and most of us got too much sun. I still can’t get over that it isn’t fully dark until nearly 11pm, so strange, and hard to get the kids to sleep hours before it gets dark.

The signs along the trail are great, but we still managed to lose one person off the back of the group again, 15 minutes and a few phone calls later we were back together.

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