Day 10: Ancenis to some little town 28 miles away:) I’ll update location later.

The riding got really hot today, so much so that by the end of the day we decided that we would start leaving earlier. We looked at the forecast and over the next few weeks it is going to be super hot. Getting up to 95°.

We bought a bike a few days ago at the department store for the two 6-year-olds that were riding in trailers. They’ve done a pretty good job, but neither of them are mentally ready to be riding this much each day. My 6 year old Ada crashed on gravel today and scratched up her knee. She opted to take a ride in the Weehoo the recuperate.

Around lunchtime we decided to ride into one of the towns to find a supermarket. We did, and we were very lucky to be able to find a little park with some shade on the way back to the trail. I had a quick power nap for 15 minutes, and after a sandwich at Kimball curled into the baby trailer and took a quick nap too. We were all pretty famished, as is expected the first week of a bike tour.

While playing at the end of the day, Bennett got a shoe thrown at his face. Ada was throwing little pebbles from the playground at the other kids, things escalated, and Bennett got a shoe to the face which resulted in a mean, nasty bloody nose. In general, the kids have been playing really well together. He recovered pretty well. This many different locations and activity really wears the kids out. 

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