Day 11:

Ada crashed today, twice:( first time she just went down in gravel, then the second time she went over her handlebars. She was good each time, but we’re realizing she just may be too young to put more than a mile or two here and there. 10-15 miles might just be too much.

We got out of camp this morning at 7:45 this morning, it was nice to get out early. We started the ride with more small climbs than any other day, this path is mostly flat as it follows the Loire River. Once we cut through Switzerland up the Rhine and over to the Danube in Germany we’ll have a little more climbing.

At about 17 miles we stopped at a Boulongerie, or bakery and had lots of treats. It was a nice stop for the group and we had a mixture of Eclairs, Chocolate Croissants, Berry Tarts and other awesomeness.

The plan for today was to ride 25 miles, but yet again we measured a bit wrong and it turned out to be about 30.

We rode through some amazing fields today, the ride was beautiful. We ended in a place called Montsabert where we’re staying at Camp Mountsabert, it’s located nearby a castle, and has all the amenities including an amazing swimming pool with a water slide.        

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