Day 12: Rest day in Montsabert

We spent the day here, doing some laundry and just resting. First thing this AM  Ada and I went to pick cherries. At first Ada sat on my shoulders and got the hard to reach cherries, and eventually the camp host provided a ladder, we probably got 10 pounds of cherries that the group has already devoured.

We appointed Dan as the group chaplain for the day, and he organized a little spiritual service where everyone contributed a little bit. Brittany shared a story from her mission to Romania. Then we split off, and Kenny taught a lesson out of preach my gospel to the youth, and Melanie sang primary songs with the kids. It was great.

We spent time in the bounce house, the kids were so sweaty from running around, showers tonight! Kenny landed on his knee pretty bad in the bounce house, hopefully he heals up OK from that.

This was a four-star campsite, we ordered some bread last night, so we had fresh bread this morning. Had a great time swimming in the pool yesterday, and spend time in the park and bounce house today. Such an amazing place, for my family and Kenny we only paid 58 euros for two nights.  You don’t have to pay for kids under 8.

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