Day 15: rest day, Kenny headed home

Kenny went home today, bummer. The logistics were all super easy though. One call to united and 88 dollars later we had his awards flight changed to fly out of Paris on Friday. I got him a Taxi ride to Saumur to take his bike back to Decathlon and then a ride to the train station. He’ll get to Paris tonight then stay a night or two in the airport and fly out Friday morning.

Update from later in the day:
Kenny made it to the train station, first stop, Paris, then the airport very quickly. I was able to move his ticket to fly out tomorrow morning. He’ll spend the night in the airport.

We went into Avoine to go to their municipal swimming pool, everyone else had the same idea, and there was a 20 minute line just to get into the pool. Very crowded, but very worth it.

We found a mini carrefour store on the way to the pool and had some lunch foods before we swam. We stopped by the same store for dinner items in the way back. Each night we buy fresh ingredients to cook dinner.

Brittany also spends 15-30 minutes reviewing the route and doing route planning for the following day.

At some point I’ll post a typical days itinerary, but not tonight. Hazel is now bathed and wandering the tent in her diaper. Ada and Bennett are getting a shower with mom up at the showers, and Kimball is running around the concert area with another bike touring kid he and others just met. I’d better get to helping with bath and bedtime!

Kenny getting ready to leave.

The kids riding home from swimming

Hanging out in the shade while the parents wait in line for the pool

Ada on the way to the pool

One of the million different grocery stops, notice all the groceries in the back of the trailer.

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