Day 17: joue-les-Tours to Amboise

Distance: 28 miles

We broke camp and left at 8:30 instead of 7. The forecast only called for 82 degrees, which is much more bearable. The ride to Tours was nice and easy, and for the second day we’ve had a healthy tailwind.

In Tours (pronounced more like “Two” than Tours) we stopped by the main cathedral. Construction started in 1150 and it was completed nearly 400 years later. Very impressive. Tours is a nice town, we could have spent another day there.

When it’s hot and you’re riding bikes, you need water. There aren’t always places to fill bottles so you have to get creative. We carry 2 water bottles each, and I carry an extra 5 Liters for the family. During one stop when our 5 liters was gone I wandered through the Main Street of a little town but most the shops were closed. A man came out of a real estate office and invited me in to fill it up in their bathroom. It was a small, but very helpful courtesy. The guys name was Julian, and he’d just wrapped up a several week visit to San Diego. I love running into helpful people.

We arrived in Amboise and did our shopping for dinner and now we’re just hanging out for a bit and letting the kids play at the playground. Tomorrow we head to the Leonardo Davinci house, then we ride to Blois where we’ll stay two nights.

Ada sleeping in the Weehoo

The Terry saddle I’ve owned since 1999, I have over 8k miles of touring on this saddle.

Pic in front of the Cathedral in Tours

Another pic of Cathedral in Tours

Small side street in Tours

Hazel jumping back into the Chariot to hang out while we shop.

One of our many fans doing a photo session with us:)

Bennett honing his hammer skills.

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