Day 18: Amboise to the Davinci Museum to Blois

Distance: 37 miles

The da Vinci Museum is pretty cool, not much for the kids to play with in the house, but the outside grounds had several different things for them to play with as well as a playground when we were done. I didn’t know he had so many inventions for war tools like the machine gun, tank, and catapult. Also the ball bearing, and different flying machines.

My legs are finally coming in strong. As I pedal up hills or small climbs I feel like I have much more strength than I did two weeks ago. This will only continue to improve.

Anytime we go down a hill especially fast the kids in the Weehoo start saying “Da-na-na-na Batman!” And they repeat it until we’re down, it’s hilarious.

1 Comments on “Day 18: Amboise to the Davinci Museum to Blois”

  1. Great post! I’m loving following your adventure. You are really making it look easy. I’m looking forward to the next entry.


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