Day 23: Muides-Sur-Loire to Orleans. 

Distance: 38 miles with amazing tailwinds. (Gratitude is noticing that the wind is at your back)

Quick review of our group.

Majors – That’s Brittany and I, and our 4 kids ages 2,4,6,8.

Stewarts – Dan and Melanie, and their 6 kids aged 6 to 16.

Pugmires – Matt and Ashley, and their two year old daughter.

Anyways, Matt and Ashley fly out of Berlin in two weeks and decided to take a train within riding distance to Berlin and ride the 10 days to get to the airport. This gets them some time in Germany before they have to fly home. We and the Stewart’s are staying until the 8th of August.

I’m a bit bummed to lose Matt. He was a lot of fun to have as part of the group. It reminds me of when we lost two of our guys on a similar tour three years ago, I was pretty sad for a day or two.

It rained a lot today, but we had a strong tail wind so our pace was pretty great. We ate lunch a bit late and couldn’t find a store that was open in the small town that we were in. Many of the stores close for an hour or two around lunch.

Great picture of the two 8-year olds riding.

Nuclear power!

Bright colors! Prepping for the storm.

Mid day riding shot.

Flat tire, most likely caused my my no-flats protection liner, go figure.

Crossing the bridge in Orleans.

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