Day 30

We spent some time swimming in the river, very shallow with a slow current.

Playing frisby in the Loire!

Picking up the Moss family from the train station. They’ll be joining us for a time. We’d talked about doing this for a while, and I randomly ran into them on a hike about 9 months ago and invited them. They texted to confirm a few months back and with less than 2 hours of coordination between us they made it happen! I wanted to be sure to be there for them at the train station as that’s probably the most stressful part of a bike tour.

We had the Lee’s join us yesterday and they’ll be with us for the next 10 days or so. They’re from Shanghai, and did great on day 1. This is Sonny’s (Jason Lee’s wife) first time camping, ever! This is the group at a lunch stop, no store around so we pooled all our Snacks and had a lunch of bread, Nutella, olives, chips and cookies.

We started the day riding past beautiful sunflowers!

Ada hit Kimballs tire and crashed, Kimball may have cut her off a bit. Most crashes I’ve seen or caused on bike tours have been because a person you’re riding with gets in the way somehow. She scratched up her face and knee, poor girl! Brittany brought plenty of first aid items so she was able to get her taken care of very quickly.

Spent 7 euros on some headphones with a start and stop, invaluable! Listening to a lot of books here, and the convenience is great!

Bennett walked up to me this morning and told me he had a little bug stick to him, it was a tick, on the top of his hand. I called the local expert (Brittany) and she quickly removed it, it hadn’t burrowed very far.

We ended the day with a great dinner at a restaurant in downtown Nevers, Jason wanted to treat the group to a dinner. Perfect night, and a great way to end the day.

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