Day 31: Nevers to Decize

Today we rode about 28 miles to get to Decize. We took the canal route most the way instead of the eurovelo 6.

Each morning we transfer Hazel into the stroller so she can continue sleeping while we put our gear away.

First stop of the morning was to a boulangerie for some pastries.

A rest break

This couple is from South Africa, we chatted with them for a while while they were waiting in one of the locks.

We weren’t around a store for lunch today, so we found a sausage, and one of us had a loaf of bread to divvy out some sandwiches. It worked out because someone had a flat tire, and the group had a 30 minute delay so we were glad we could all pool some food together.

There is a swimming pool right next to our campsite, the kids loved the slide.

This is our camp area, we have our own little tent city. We now have 7 tents in our group.

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