Day 32: Decize to Bourbon Lancey

Distance: 32 miles

We woke up at 7:00 for an 8:30 departure and started towards a supermarket that was on the outside of town. Riding was relatively easy at first, but as the day wore on we rode quite a few hills!
Ada has had it rough these last three days! She crashed two days ago and hit her face pretty hard. Yesterday she tripped over one of the bikes and got another bloody nose and scratched knee. Today, we rolled into a park area that also had some bathrooms. About 15 minutes into the break I hear Ada screaming by the bathroom and see Brittany swatting at her legs and simultaneously picking her up by one arm and yanking her out of the area. Turns out, she had 8-10 bees on her and ended up with at least 4 stings. It was so sad!

A good view from our ride today.

After our lunch break, we swim in the river for another half hour or so.

A major storm blew in right as we were starting to prepare dinner, so Brittany made dinner under the flap of our tent. We all had dinner in a clubhouse near the campsite registration.

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