Day 33: Rest day in Bourbon Lancey

It was so nice to sleep in! Hazel and I woke up about an hour before the rest. We walked around the little lake to the playground, but not before having breakfast number one of Arroz con Lèche, then breakfast two of scrambled eggs with ham. I’ll include some pics to provide an overview of what we did.

The kids collected acorns around dinner time.

We did a group dinner today with all 23 people. We found this nice picnic table right next to the zip line.

After our little church service we watched the Tour de France and made Crepes.

An older couple from England pulled in to the campsite and lodge around when we were starting our little meeting, they joined with us, good times. The man even joined in when the kids sang “Jesus wants me for a sun beam!” it was awesome.

We’re staying right next to this lake, it’s beautiful.

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