Day 35: 56 mile day to Chagney – 700 miles in thus far – Bennett profile

Long day today to get to a non “Naturiste” campsite (see yesterdays post) 56 miles.


  • Getting bolt for cleats stripped out and passing a guy doing metal work in his front yard, he ground down my cleatbolt so we could unscrew it with a flat head screwdriver.
  • Making a deal with the 6 year old from the other family. He asked for a small bag of candy and once he’d eaten all but three pieces he wanted to trade for another kind. I negotiated with him, and he agreed to give me a small part of every treat he received for the next two days. It’s been quite entertaining. I’ve already gotten some lemon yogurt, cookie, and some flan. He pinky promised and told me that if you break a pinky promise you’ll get your pinky cut off.
  • Kimball crashed on the trail and Brittany nearly ran him over, he had a little cut on his arm, could have been much worse.
  • We passed the 700 mile mark!

Started with the odometer at 1420 miles.

Brittany giving Bennett some post crash care.

An amazing view from the trail today.

Now for Bennett. He’s 3, and turns 4 in August. He rides in the Weehoo, and does quite well staying in there a few hours a day.

Sometimes in the evenings he gets very hyperactive, he and Hazel play extremely well together. He also adores his big brother Kimball.

He loves climbing and doing anything that his older brothers and sisters do.

He’s able to stay very entertained on tour. He plays with the older kids, and is loving all this camping time. He sleeps well,  And wakes up happy about 75% of the time:)

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