Day 37: Verdun sur le doubs to Dole, 46 miles. Ada profile (6 years old)

The plan was to ride about 30 miles a day until we reach Besançon where we would rest on Sunday and go to church. An hour into the ride one of the kids asked if we could just ride two 45 mile days, and rest tomorrow. We did the math on the map, and it turned out that we could do a 46 mile day, then a 36 mile day and use Friday as a rest day. Most of us opted for another rest day, and the Mosses decided to stay 20 miles back and meet us early tomorrow. We got to camp around 7:30.

Lots of path riding today, mostly easy riding with a side wind earlier in the day.

Obligatory sunflower pic, didn’t mean to get the power line!

Kid posse.

Our lunch break spot.

Kids on the spinner before showers. Taken at 9:45pm.

Ken asked if I knew what significance July 14th had, little did I know it’s a french holiday like July 4th, Bastille day? Anyways, there may be some celebrations tomorrow, and we had a great spot to watch fireworks tonight.

Now to talk a little about Ada. Ada turns 6 next week, she’s our second oldest and has a lot of spunk. She typically rides 10 to 15 miles per day, and spends the rest of the time in the Weehoo. She shares a bike with the other 6 year old.

She has the physical strength, but I think six years is a bit too young mentally to ride the whole time.

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