Day 38: rest day in Dole

We started the day with dropping some laundry at the laundromat and getting some clean clothes. We swam, hung around he campsite to get organized then at about 4 we did a walking tour around Dole.

One funny story about swimming. About 5 minutes in the camphost angrily approaches us and points towards Dan, turns out he brought his shoes into the pool area. He was fairly belligerent and Dan played a very apologetic front to dissipate tension. He’s the third person that we’ve run into like that, sometimes customer service isn’t quite the same over here.

A few pictures:

We ended our walking tour of Dole at a little Kebab restaurant. They set up an extra long table for us:)

We followed the walking tour down into an underground tunnel that led to this cool spring.

The walking tour through the city is marked all the way along with these cat symbols.

We got a family picture!

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