Day 39: Dole to Besançon, 45 miles

We rolled out to the campsite reception to find out that Kimball had a flat tire. We tried to get the slime to activate by pumping it up again but it wasn’t holding air. We ended up putting a new tube in.

The kids were pretty moody this morning, after about 30 minutes of riding Bennett and Ada calmed down.

Ada crashed again, poor girl. We also had a flat on Zacks bike around lunchtime, so Dan got that changed after lunch. We rode 45 miles today and had done 25 by the time we stopped for lunch.

About 37 miles in we stopped at a nice picnic table under a big tree right before we entered Besançon and crossed under the 1,000 foot long canal tunnel under the mountain. There happened to be blackberries, the group probably picked 2 pounds of fresh blackberries, they loved it.

We made it in to the campsite and had 45 minutes to swim in the neighboring pool before it closed. A few of us went over and swam, I did a quick 1 1/2 off the high dive then swam with Bennett and Ada.

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