Day 41: Besançon to L’isle-sur-le-doubs, 40 miles.  

Today’s riding was very different, we are entering more of a mountainous area and there are rock walls on either side of us, so for a few hours this afternoon we were able to ride in the shade. We rode 18 miles and got all of our shopping, then rode another 10 and had lunch in a little clearing by the trail.

Being on tour feels good, the simplicity of riding bikes, buying food, navigating trails and finding campsites is pretty relaxing. It’s a very simple life, but not without it’s stresses, it’s just a new kind of stress. We’re happy, and I’m really enjoying the adventure thus far.

Amazing shade on the trail.

Hazel getting a quick break at our first stop after 7.5 miles.

Family riding shot

Great views all day!

1 Comments on “Day 41: Besançon to L’isle-sur-le-doubs, 40 miles.  ”

  1. I love to see the smiles on everyone this far into your tour. That is a testament to how much you are getting out of the adventure as a family. Way to go!


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