Day 43: Mulhouse to Basel Switzerland 

The Mosses left us today to continue their adventure in Switzerland, they’ll be doing day hikes and other things like that. We may rent a car in the next week or two and do some of the same, we’ll see. They were a great addition to the group.

Because of the 55 mile day yesterday, we decided that we would sleep in and we didn’t leave until noon.

The riding was easy for the most part. At one part of the day we passed by a field with about 50 campers, several very nice cars, lots of garbage and a sketchy vibe. Not sure what it was, but it didn’t really add up.

We didn’t time our stops very well for lunch, so by the time our lunch break came around we had to just eat what we had. Our lunch included:

1 and 1/2 baguettes from yesterday, a cucumber, a sausage, peanut butter and Jam, Mustard, cookies, apples and crackers. It was nice to clean out the food bag.

We made our way from lunch into the outskirts of Basel, still in the french side, and did some shopping. Crossed the bridge into Germany and did a little more shopping to pick up a present for Ada’s birthday tomorrow.(Don’t tell Ada, her real birthday is on Friday but we wanted to celebrate it on a rest day) these two stops gave the kids plenty of time to play at playgrounds. At the second playground we met a Mormon family from Peru, she was a grandma that was visiting her grandkids who live in Germany.

As we crossed the bridge and rode through the Germany side of the Rhine the atmosphere was very festive, with a young, hip vibe. We noticed that there were hundreds of people for floating down the river with little dry bags that have their clothes inside, and are filled with air. It was awesome.

Brittany took a spill on some train tracks a few miles from camp. She’s so resilient, it never ceases to amaze me how focused and tough she is.

We ended the day on a horse trail, I swear Dan’s Burley went up on one wheel at one point but it could have all been in my imagination. It was not a trail we should have been on:)

This is on a walking bridge in Basel. 150 feet out in the water from where we are standing is where the German, Swiss and French borders meet.

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