Day 44: Rest day on the Rhine

We spent the morning and early afternoon at the pool while Brittany hand washed the laundry. Who got the better deal? Dad at the pool with the kids, or Mom doing laundry?

Brittany joined us for a bit, I love how much she loves the kids.

Hazel embracing her inner European.

Ada cruising down the slide.

First grocery store in Switzerland, everything seems to be 50% more here than it was in France. In one case, certain cookies I’d usually buy for 1.30 were 4.50:(

Ada choosing her birthday cake, I guided her towards the 50% off stickers while Brittany kept shushing me.

We held a little birthday party for Ada.

We grilled for Dinner, the pool on one side, Rhine on the other.

Happy birthday cake for Ada, she got a lot of attention today.

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