Day 46: Waldshut Tiengen to Schaufhausen

We luckily had some good weather to put away our tents, and we delayed or 930 leave time until 11. Chill morning, it was good to sleep in until 8:30.

We discussed what it would look like to Rent-A-Car and go for a five-day excursion to Venice, the Alps and possibly Monaco. We decided that we would keep riding, and possibly Rent-A-Car on the tail end of our trip in Stuttgart.

We rode 35 miles today, and our big stop was at Rhein Falls. Very cool waterfall. Afterwards we had a hard time following the trail back to the Rhein, one of the turns that was confusing was a sign that pointed down the stairs under the train tracks, but that’s what we had to do, take our bikes down a long flight of stairs. I then took a wrong turn going down the river the wrong way. My sense of direction is quite poor, and Dan assumed that I would have noticed that, it’s funny how some of us are oblivious to details that others are quite aware of.

Hazel being adventurous at yet another playground.

Another try at a family photo.

Super long slide that may have given me a concussion:) it was intense, and harsh, kids loved it.

Brittany rocks.

We bought the kids Swiss Army knives, as of this writing it has been three hours and they’ve already cut themselves 2 times!

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