Day 47: Rest day in Schaufhausen

This campsite that we’re staying in about a mile outside of town is amazing. You don’t have to pay for the washer and dryer, they have a fridge / freezer to use, and very clean bathrooms. It’s also right on the river, great environment overall. It’s sad I listed all those other simple things before mentioning we’re right on the Rhine, but when living on the road those simple things count.

Here’s the view looking out our tent

Getting to church was rough, climbing a big hill and going up some stairs instead of taking the long way around on the road. The stairs had a path on the side where you could roll your bike, but those of us with trailers had a really hard time and needed help. I would guess they were probably 100 or 150 stairs, it was a 10 minute affair to get all of us up.

We had a great time at church, and the Members were very welcoming. There were only about 25 people there so our 14 people made quite the difference in attendance. They had a special primary for all of our kids, and the kids learned, or at least sat through some songs in German. They seem to have had a great time.

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at camp, and headed back into the city for a late dinner.

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