Day 49: Radolfzell to Tuttlingen

We were able to set up camp without rain, it was nice to not pack up a soaked tent, though the rain fly was still wet. I’m still not sure whether I prefer the heat or the cold, this morning was in the low 60s, but we have clothes to keep warm. The problem with riding in the rain is that you perspire, and though the rain isn’t coming in, you sweat and get wet anyways.

We had a hard time getting back to the trail, we actually made a big loop, and after 3 miles we were right where we started, or a few hundred yards away from it. Oops. It was a bit discouraging, and the drizzle of rain, cold temperature, and climbing doesn’t help the morale.

We rode through a really cool forrested section today, the kids kept yelling because we heard echoes, it was awesome. It was also the start of a 1500 or so foot climb that lasted a few miles. Total climbing for the day was 2700 feet. There were several times where I had the kids get out of the trailer, and help push. It’s nice to give Bennet an opportunity to get out of the trailer and walk around a bit. He’s definitely got energy to burn. Each of the kids are able to burn quite a bit of energy, Kimball rides a lot, Ada rides a little, Bennett runs around a lot whenever we’re not riding, Hazel is the only one we worry about. She sleeps a lot in the trailer, and when it’s raining outside sometimes we don’t get her out during stops. That’s one reason to minimize riding time.

We’ve been anticipating Tuttlingen for a while because they have an amazing water park right next to the campsite. On the summit of the last hill into Tuttlingen we checked when it closes and saw it’s closed on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. the kids took the blow pretty well, it’s a bummer though.

We got into the small patch of grass near the soccer fields, skate park and city center in Tuttlingen that is their specified camping place. There’s room for maybe 7-10 tents, and we are given access to the visiting soccer team facilities, so I guess they mostly go unused. Showering in an echoey team shower with hyper 2,4,6, and 8 year olds is an experience! We survived though, had a warm potato, leake and sausage soup with fresh bread and got everyone to sleep.

Tomorrow we head north towards Stuttgart, the plan is to palletize our bikes and gear and get it sent off. We’ll then rent a car and explore for a week before we fly out on the 8th.

After a big climb!

Part of the get out and push crew.

Just rode out if the Forrests area.

Hazel’s new smile for the camera!

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