Day 52: Schömberg to Tübingen, 38 miles

We rode from 2200 feet down to about 1100. We had a strong tailwind as well, could not have been a better day for riding. Even though we weren’t on an established route, they have bicycle paths connecting all of these towns, it was very easy to navigate and remain on a good bike paths.

We made it to the campsite around 5 PM, but the person would not agree to let us have our bikes picked up from there on Monday. We decided to move on, did a loop around the city unintentionally while trying to get out, and found a bike shop that was willing to let us leave our bikes there to be picked up on Monday. We then returned to the first campsite, and set up our camp. We had our emergency mountain house dinners since this was our last day on the bikes.

I called Hertz and rented 2 vans for us to tour around in until we leave 10 days from now. I’ll make one more post tomorrow that documents more of our packing up procedure, then we’re done.

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