Day 53: finishing up in Tübingen / Stuttgart

We booked our tickets to leave from Stuttgart, and since we made it here about 10 days early we decided to rent a car and explore. We don’t have our itinerary set in stone yet but we’re thinking of Interlaken in Switzerland, then the Dolomites and Venice in Italy.

Dan and I rode into Stuttgart this morning at 7am. It was a 20 mile ride with about 2,000 feet of climbing, it was great to do it without a load!

We then returned with the rental cars and brought all of our gear to be shipped home over to the Bike shop. The guys at the transvelo shop were super accommodating, I insisted we pay them something and we left a good tip as well. I don’t think they know how nice it is for us to leave 6 big boxes in their garage and to allow the freight company to pick them up on Monday, it allows us to move on sooner.

Pic from our morning ride to Stuttgart

The final product. 1 Weehoo, 9 bikes, 1 chariot trailer and some gear.

Our mini van is like a Subaru Outback with two seats in the back that fold up, tight squeeze!

The shop that hooked us up! Paid 30 euros to pack bikes and leave them over the weekend, and tipped the shop buys 20.

The Stewart’s have had this trailer for 16 years, this was taken before they headed to the park with it to find another family to give it to. The plan all along was to “bury” it in Europe, the time has come!

This is the end of our bike touring adventure. We’ll now car tour, but while we’ll still be camping, I’m. It sure it will be worthy of a daily blog post. We’ll see.

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