Day 54: Car trip from Tübingen to 10k outside of Waldshut Tiengen

We went to church this morning, walked the mile and a half there and back. Packed up camp and were out by 12:30.we then drove towards Frieberg so we could see more of the black Forrest. The drive was beautiful.

We’d promised the kids some mcdonalds on this trip and we fulfilled that promise today. We also stopped by a coo-coo clock store, supposedly in the town where they were invented in the 1800’s.

We drove through several tunnels, several of which were over a mile long. We stayed on 2 lane highways with a speed of 60 mph.

Around 7 pm we started going off road on little trails on the side of the road to find a place to camp for the night. After a few attempts and about 45 minutes into the search we found a nice spot . We were able to get our tents set up before the rain started, but as I’m writing there is a storm outside with some amazing thunder and lightning. Wow.

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