Day 60: Day in Venice

We drove to point Sabioni to take the ferry to Venice. After buying the 7 euro one way fair we took the 20 minute boat ride into Venice. There were cheaper options had we planned better.

From there we walked the streets and allies of Venice. We were all surprised with how many of the small squares had fresh water fountains. You notice these things after riding bikes for weeks on end, water is so important. It was over 90 degrees and humid, water was a must.

I’ve been to Venice a few times. What I love most is walking through the streets and small alleys. It was nice to show the Stewart’s, they really enjoyed it as well.

We found a place for lunch and had Pizza, it was a nice place with air conditioning, we all needed a rest. After lunch we walked around a bit more to find a few last souvenirs and then we headed back to Sabioni where we parked our car, parking was 7 euro for the day. We then celebrated Bennetts birthday on the beach!

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