Bike Trip Gear List

We’re planning another short trip, and need to share this with others so I’ll leave this here for now. I’ll also come back in later and add detail to each item.

Bike gear, Per bike:
• Touring Bike. Choose a bike with an upright position that you could ride for 6-8 hours per day. It needs rack mounts to hold a rear rack, and ideally a front rack too in case you’ll not be using a Thule rack.
• Helmet
• Clipless pedals and shoes
• 4 panniers for adults and maybe 2 for kids (we like ortlieb waterproof classics) (Dale and I like to get 4 different colors so you can remember what’s in each bag)
• Front handlebar bags (good for tools, gloves, snacks, cameras etc)
• Front and rear racks to hold panniers (I prefer the Thule rack for my front rack, rear rack isn’t as important. You want a good front rack because there’s much more wobbling that can occur with a bad front rack.
•Bike lights (blinkies for all and strong front lights for adults)
• 2 water bottle cages
• 2 water bottles
• Bungee cords for strapping tents and sleeping gear to bike
• Bike computer
• Bell or Horn (useful in crowded areas)
• Small pump

Sleeping gear per person:
• Sleeping bag (at least 30degree for kids. It can be cold at night and morning and if it’s rainy. I (Brittany) use a 0 degree bag…that’s extreme) Dale’s is a 30) we also use synthetic fill material for its ability to dry well
• Sleeping Pad, be mindful of how small it will pack.
• Headlamp for each
• Waterproof bag for sleeping bags and pads(it will rain) We usually wrap our sleeping bag in our ground tarp if it’s going to be strapped to the rear rack.

Audio books (books for kids and adults)
iPad with a couple of movies and games (We use the iPad as an emergency go to while riding and if they just need chill time)

Bike shoes
3 pair riding shorts
3 jerseys
Long sleeve jersey
Long riding pants
Riding gloves
Rain jacket
Normal Jacket
Helmet cover
Rain pants
Arm and leg warmers
Pair of downtime long pants
1 or 2 casual outfits (shorts/shirtsleeve)
Casual shoes
Church outfit
Socks 7
Camp towel

Kids clothes:
Fleece jacket
Long sleeve riding shirt
Rain jacket
Rain pants
3 or 4 outfits to ride in. Depending on the kid☺️( black and white show anything spilled on them. )
1or 2 casual outfits (short sleeve/shorts)
Long casual pants
Shoes(I’ve used sandals in past..keen brand
Church clothes
7 socks
7 underwear
Shower shoes?
Camp towel
Hat if you want one

Stove (we may have one for meals plus a jet boil)
Mountain house meals (for emergencies or just cant find a store)
Instant oatmeal
Hot chocolate
Protein bar (Pro bar or something like it)  
Gu’s for emergency
Mess kit per person
Dish soap and small brush
Small towel for drying
Pots for cooking my largest is 5L
Small mugs for oatmeal
Utensils for cooking(spatula, spoon)
Small chef knife
Small cutting board

• Tubes
• Bike tools
• Patch kits
• Pocket knife
• Day bag small backpack (optional)

• Tent with footprint or tarp. You are in your tent a lot so make sure to get one that will border on too big rather than too small. With vestibules to store your gear outside of the tent. Our tent is going to be the tensleep station 6 by big Agnes.
• Camp chairs( luxury item.) helinox makes a great folding one that packs down small.

3 ways to get money
Credit cards need to have a chip.
Bug spray
Language dictionary
Charging cables
External battery
Solar charger? We’re still trying to find a good one.

• First aid kit (I will be making a pretty extensive one because we’ve needed this on more than one occasion)
Some items to think about for first aide:
Mole skin
Grids they use for burns that keep large sections of skin from sticking to bandaging. (For road rash)
Lots of Neosporin
Lots of bandaids

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