Trail of the Couer D’Alenes

A beautiful dedicated bike path where you can turn off your brain, have plenty of access to swimming, and a safe place to spend a week traveling by bike.

There are campsites spread out along the path, the most we rode in one day was 36 miles. Our soon to be six-year-old, and several other small children were able to make the ride, even though 36 miles pushed a few of them to their limits.

My wife and I love bicycle touring with our kids! We once rode from Seattle to Crescent city, but he hills and limited shoulders, paired with the cars whizzing by cemented in our minds that we much prefer dedicated bike paths to to being on the road, especially when the kids are riding. Since then, we’ve ridden several thousand miles along dedicated paths in Europe, and now we wanted to try something closer to home.

The itinerary:

Day 1: Drive to Coure D’Alene with a stop at my sisters house near Boise.

Day 2: Arrive and camp one night in Coure D’Alene.

Day 3: Drive 50 minutes to Plummer for a ride to Harrison. 16 miles.

Day 4: Ride 36 miles to Pinehurst.

Day 5: Ride 15 miles into Wallace to see the music festival, tour the silver mine, then ride 15 miles back.

Day 6: Go to church in Pinehurst, rest, and play at the park, and eat lots of watermelon.

Day 7: Ride 5 miles into Kellogg and play all day at the water park.

Day 8: Ride 36 miles back to Harrison.

Day 9: Ride 16 miles back to Plummer, then camp one night in Coure D’Alene

Day 10: drive to the Hiawatha trail and ride the trail, 15 miles. Start driving home. Probably make it halfway to our home in Utah. (Scratch that, drive straight through from 5pm to 4am)

We decided to split up the drive, and visited Family on the way.

When we finally made it to the campsite in Couer D’Alene… This picture is from the swimming pool the following day.

We all went on a hike around the lake, One of the kids took a small spill, watch your babies! That’s always a worry when you’re out and about camping and riding, group safety. We were a little more lax than we should’ve been. We tightened things up after this fall.

Typical morning at camp, little man hanging out in his warm sleeping bag.

From core DeLane we drove the car to Plummer. From Plummer we rode to Harrison, then Harrison to Pinehurst. The “by the way” campground in Pinehurst has this amazing covered patio near the camping area.

We also made a stop at a waterpark near Wallace, so much fun!

Amazing trip. I’m sure I left a few things out… If there are any details you’d like me to add, or if you have any questions, let me know and I’ll beef up the content.

I also made a separate post about the Hiawatha trail, check it out.

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