About Dale

Dale is the fourth of nine kids and grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. In high school he started buying and selling salvaged freight with the income he had from cleaning a small office building. Upon returning from a 2 year religious mission in Portugal, he started school, and on summer break rode his bike from Canada to Mexico. That served as a turning point inspiring him to be an entrepreneur, he in turn partnered with his Dad to start Bikewagon.com.

Over a 10 year period they grew Bikewagon to 10 Million in annual revenue. Dale continued his bike touring and toured over 7,700 miles, 3,000 of which were with his wife Brittany. They have four children, and recently the family completed a two month bike tour across France and into Germany. In 2016 Bikewagon was acquired by L9 Sports.

Dale enjoys listening to Audible, Rollerblading, Table Tennis, and spending time with his family.

In 2017, Dale co-founded Weave Commerce. Weave Commerce invests in all things ecommerce and recently acquired Bright Lab Lights, and is a founding partner in a digital marketing agency, Tall Mind Marketing.

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