About Dale

Dale grew up in Salt Lake City as the 4th of 9 children. He spent his childhood collecting things, building skate ramps, rollerblading, and riding bikes. In high school he fell in love with the sport of wrestling and competed throughout high school.

In his Junior year of high school Dale stumbled into a store that sold lost freight. He saw others buying product to sell online. Inspired and confident from having built a bike with certain parts attained online, he tried his hand at buying and reselling items on his own. Using his $60 dollar salary from his janitorial work along with a newly opened bank account and 500 dollar overdraft, he started buying to resell.

He mostly focused on bike parts though he ventured into other categories such as surveying equipment if the deal looked good enough. During the summer, he would arrive an hour before the store opened so he could be the first in line. During the school year he worked with his school counselor to get a release hour so he could shop in the morning when the good product came out.

With the proceeds from selling online, he paid his way to live in Portugal for two years as a missionary for his church. Upon returning from Portugal he resumed sales for a year while attending college. The following summer he and two friends rode their bikes from Canada to Mexico along the pacific coast. Upon returning from the coast, he approached his father George who also believed in the vision, and they partnered to start a company together that would later become Bikewagon.com. They grew Bikewagon to 10 Million dollars in annual revenue, and 28 employees before selling the company in January of 2016.

One of Dale’s main passions is bicycle touring, he has completed over 10 Months of touring with over 8,000 miles logged. 3,000 of which have been with his wife and small children. Most recently in 2017, his wife and four kids from ages 2 to 8 completed a two month bike tour across France and parts of Germany. He also dabbles in competitive Table Tennis, Rollerblading, Racquetball, and is trying to learn French and to play the piano.

In 2017, Dale co-founded Weave Commerce. Weave Commerce invests in all things ecommerce and recently acquired Bright Lab Lights, and is a founding partner in a digital marketing agency, Tall Mind Marketing.

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