About Dale

Dale is one of nine kids and grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. In high school he started buying and selling salvaged freight with the income he had from cleaning an office building. After high school he lived in Portugal for two years as a missionary for his church. Upon returning he started school, and on summer break he rode his bike from Canada to Mexico. In order to continue bike touring and having adventures, he decided to start selling bike parts online full time with his Dad, this was in 2004.

Online sales went well, and so began Bikewagon.com. It also enabled him to continue his passion of bike touring. Since then, he has biked over 8 months and 7,700 miles. He and his wife Brittany have done over 3,000 miles together with their four kids. Dale and his Father George, with the help of a great team grew Bikewagon to 10 million dollars in revenue. In 2016 Bikewagon was acquired by L9 Sports.

Dale now acts as a CEO coach, ecommerce consultant and public speaker as discovers his next entrepreneurial adventure.

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