Day 51: Rest day in Schömberg

We all slept in and didn't leave the tent until around noon. That means a couple of the kids stayed in the tent and watched a movie on the iPad while Brittany and I slept in a bit. I felt a bit tired and sick until dinner time, something about building a fire gave me... Continue Reading →

Day 48: Schaufhausen to Radolfzell

Distance: 31 miles The morning started early with Brittany waking me up telling me she heard something outside our tent. She'd heard something before we went to sleep but I brushed it off and we just went to sleep. At 2:30 we heard something again. By the time I was fully awake she'd gotten dressed... Continue Reading →

Day 47: Rest day in Schaufhausen

This campsite that we're staying in about a mile outside of town is amazing. You don't have to pay for the washer and dryer, they have a fridge / freezer to use, and very clean bathrooms. It's also right on the river, great environment overall. It's sad I listed all those other simple things before... Continue Reading →

Day 45: Basel to Waldshut Tiengen

Distance: 38 miles Cool sights, shopping on the Germany side for cheap, long lunch at a park, and lots of rain to close out the day. The riding was much more hilly than we are used to. Nothing too crazy, but small up and downs that are tough when fully loaded and carrying kids. The... Continue Reading →

Day 44: Rest day on the Rhine

We spent the morning and early afternoon at the pool while Brittany hand washed the laundry. Who got the better deal? Dad at the pool with the kids, or Mom doing laundry? Brittany joined us for a bit, I love how much she loves the kids. Hazel embracing her inner European. Ada cruising down the... Continue Reading →

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