Venture Anyway

Venture Anyway is a coaching initiative I started in 2018. Our goal is to Champion entrepreneurs into achieving greater success through rooting to a deeper purpose, clarifying their goals, and learning the tactics and techniques to be more successful. We’re focused on giving 1st generation entrepreneurs the tools and networks to accelerate their success. Our core product is a mastermind group that provides a four month path to achieve more clarity and develop a more solid action plan in your life and business.

Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk. Grand Trunk is a supplier of travel Hammocks and other travel accessories. I’ve always wanted to have a travel brand, and our acquisition of Grand Trunk made that happen in a big way! Check us out at

Brightlab Lights

Brightlab Lights is a creator of high end lighting accessories for children’s bedrooms, reading nooks, and any other place that needs to be livened up with a splash of lighting and color. I have two business partners that focus on this business.

Dzuke Duffels

I help finance a portion of Dzuke Duffels, am a small equity holder, and guide them in their ecommerce strategy. They make a Travel organizer that allows people to stay more organized on their adventures. Find them at

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