E-commerce Mastermind

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”
― Henry David Thoreau

A Mastermind is a group of people in a similar position coming together to share knowledge with the goal of learning and growing as a group.

The E-commerce Mastermind Group is for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and executives in the consumer products industry committed to becoming the best version of themselves. They are open to change, and doing what it takes to level up. A group will be comprised of 8-12 participants who each have the goal to be the best they can be for their business and key stakeholders (family, employees, friends and the community).

Details: Bi-weekly 90 minute group Zoom calls kicking off Friday, March 20th and running through August

For the next 6 months, we will come together 2 times per month to focus inward with shared insight and accountability from the entire group.

  • Create a vision of personal purpose and professional legacy centered on maximizing your unique strengths
  • Build a foundation of growth and achievement by increasing your ability to set and reach personal goals
  • Learn to lead others and unite your teams and organizations under a cooperative vision

Dale’s mastermind offered me transformational information that I could apply right away to having a better work/life balance. He shows you how to effectively manage not only your time, but also your priorities. I highly recommend it to anyone that is being run by their business and wants to take back control.  – Carl, Entrepreneur

About Me

As a former business owner, I’m uniquely qualified to take people through this process. My greatest asset at Bikewagon was my team. They enabled me to leave for months at a time, even during our busiest seasons. We grew Bikewagon to $10M in revenue and later sold the company to a strategic partner.

What others are saying:

“Looking back, I can see real progress in my personal and business growth that I can trace back to Dale.  The tasks and reading assignments have opened my eyes, saved me time and brought new clarity to my business vision. Looking forward, I can see big jumps in my progress using the tools and contacts he has given me.  I highly recommend Dale and his coaching program.” – Hoyt, Financial Planner

“It has been great to dive into these ideas & actions with a group of like minded people. Each person brings their own experience & expertise to the group on how they have implemented what we’re studying. Being able to chat in a group setting as well as one on one coaching has been very helpful!” – Weston, Sales Professional

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