Purpose App

Have you ever been frustrated with your To-Do list, not knowing where to start?

We’ve created an app that helps with that specific problem through a sorting game you can play, that’s both easy to do and effective.

Purpose pulls in lists from your Trello, and then shows you two different cards at a time. You’re job is to choose which one is most important to you. This game continues until you’ve gone through all the cards in the list and at that point your Trello list will be organized based on your priority, it’s so easy!

Check out this demo!

Purpose Demo Video

As you choose between one task or the other, that sort order is sent immediately to your Trello list, and your cards are re-organized.

Download it now! Purpose App

We’re in no way affiliated with Trello. We bow down to Trello, and no other productivity app can touch them:)

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