You’re seeing this page because you have a brand or service that aligns with who I am, and I’m interested in partnering with you in some way.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and will try not to be a marketer here, but instead to simply lay out who I am and what I’m doing with my brand Venture Anyway.

Who am I?

I’m an adventurer at heart, and an entrepreneur. I have a lot of fun and am quite motivated which has helped me achieve some pretty cool results. Here are a few highlights:

  • Bike toured over 9,000 miles, camping along the way.
  • Taken (2) 2-month long trips with my children in tow. in 2017 we rode bicycles 1,200 miles across France and some of Germany with our 2,4,6, and 8 year old. Read about it here.
  • I’m quite active on my personal facebook and get quite a bit of engagement, mostly through posting pics of my wife and kids on adventures, me playing competitive table tennis or trying a 3 day fast for the first time. There’s also an annual tribute to my rollerblading habit that’s sure to make people nostalgic and start humming something from the Gin Blossoms. I’m quite aspirational and love trying new things. Feel free to friend me on Facebook!
  • I built and sold Bikewagon.com. My Dad and I started it in our garage after I’d been selling online since my junior year of high school. We grew Bikewagon to 10 MILLION dollars in revenue and sold it in 2016. I got quite a bit of business experience doing that and am applying that knowledge and intensity to my new project.
  • I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs for the last two years and have loved it. I’m building an audience of motivated high income earners that will be a strong part of our demographic.

Here’s where I’m active:

  • I’m most active on Youtube (Venture Anyway), and have created 200 plus videos thus far, I post 5 days a week.

Brand Mission

I started Venture Anyway because I feel that while all of us have immense potential, many of us “leave it on the table” due to inaction. We fail, or achieve less, simply because we don’t try. Our Brand’s core values are Purpose, Passion, and Personal Power. Our main goal is to help people take action.

I create both free and paid content that inspires people to take action and find success. I’m building the brand Venture Anyway to become a brand mark synonymous with putting yourself out there.

What I’m looking for:

I’m looking to showcase products and services to my customers that will help them be more productive, enjoy the outdoors, be outside of the home more comfortably, or travel with their kids. I’d like items to use and share with my audience through unboxing videos, and product reviews.

If any of this is interesting to you, I’d love to find a way to benefit from each other.

Thanks for taking the time to consider a sponsorship! – Dale Majors

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