Venture Anyway Product Initiative

Why do we buy the products we buy, and who do they benefit?

I’ve been racking my brain for years how I could create a line of products that truly gave back to a cause I believed in.

We support brands for one reason or another, and the profits from those sales go to benefit veery few people.

Many brands support a cause with a small percentage of their sales, 2% max.

We believe that as people learn to support themselves and be more industrious and enterprising, more entrepreneurial. That they will no only life themselves, but also those around them.

For this reason, the line of products at Venture Anyway is designed to deliver the highest amount of profit with solid value, and to allocate ALL PROFITS to the loan fund at Venture Anyway.

Here’s how it works:

We design and source products that can be produced and shipped economically. ALL PROFITS are then allocated to our loan fund and are lent to entrepreneurs we invest in. Only when the loan is repaid do we claim that income as profit.

You can support entrepreneurship by purchasing product from VA.

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