Venture Anyway

Do you feel that you’re more capable than your current results suggest?

Do you know deep down what you should be doing but can’t get yourself to take the next step?

Our goal at Venture Anyway is to help you slay your dragons – to help you take the next step. To increase your momentum.

My name is Dale Majors. I’m an accomplished entrepreneur, traveler, and father of five. I had the blessing of retiring at 32 and was faced with a tough choice of how to spend my life in a meaningful way.

One day while on a jog, pondering how I could make a difference in the world, I realized that most of us, daily, run into decisions that could progress us on our path. The choice may be difficult, and include uncertainty. At those pivotal moments we have a choice to make. Are we going to venture into the unknown, or are we going to let the opportunity pass us by?

It was very clear to me in the moment. I’ve always felt energized helping people take that step, and it was something that came natural to me. I decided right then that I would create a company with that mission.

The goal of Venture Anyway is to help people take more action. We do this through sharing content that encourages action. I have a Youtube Channel where I’m constantly covering topics about being more effective, trying new things, sharing my adventures or interviewing experts who embody the principles of Venture Anyway.

Values: Purpose, Personal Power, and Passion.

I even shared about how I did a water only fast for 7 days.

The content is created to help you be more action oriented, and in turn get more of what you want.

I work with business owners and entrepreneurs in a Mastermind Group to teach these skills.

You have potential. All of us are more likely to reach it if we take action and increase our momentum. Everything we do at Venture Anyway is meant to help you take action towards your goals.

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