Day 27: 30 mile ride to Saint Satur

We were going to make it to Nevers tomorrow with a 45 mile day today, then a 35 mile day tomorrow in order to meet another family that’s joining our trek. They’re from China, and are friends of Dan. They ended up renting a car and gaining some flexibility, so we called off the 45 mile day and decided to get to Nevers in 3 days instead of two. This decision was inline with making choices that are best for the small kids. One of the governing values of the trip is that we make it enjoyable for the small kids. So this was a perfect instance of something being easier for adults where we stuck to our guns and used our prior planning and priorities to decide what to do.

Check out our view! We rode along canals most the day today.

They let us help operate one of the locks.

All the shopping from our lunch break, that Burley trailer is a beast!

Brittany doing some last minute route planning before we left today.

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